Meet the coolest team since the NASA Moon Missions!


Alborz Bozorgi (AL)


Ellenor McIntosh (Elle)

Some refer to them as 'A & E' or 'Accident & Emergency'


Elizabeth Kotoulis - Head of Product

I like cooking and baking, it’s something my family does together, as we all grew up cooking together in the kitchen, mostly Greek food.

I’m a big history nerd and love taking trips to historical towns and spending the day in museums.
Beyond that, I’m an expert nap and bubble bath-taker!


Chloe Stafford - Marketing Analyst

I love to travel, immerse myself in different cultures and visit as many new places as possible, learning about the country’s history and culture.
Languages have always been a passion of mine and I am bilingual, fluent in German

I have two doggos, Guinness and Tess.
I value quality time surrounded by friends and family and the fun memories we create together!


Tiyana Jordan-Beckles - Administrative Analyst

I enjoy reading, especially comics, and I’m absolutely obsessed with Marvel, DC & Disney movies!
I’m also a revert & have made it a personal goal of mine create a platform for all Muslims to come together and express themselves.
I love to read and I’ve written 3 books in my spare time & currently working on a 4th!


Denzel Opoku-Adu - Head of Partnerships & Sales

I have always been interested in many different forms of art and creativity.
I express myself through art and drawing. I find that drawing, and expressing creativity, helps me to unwind and practise discipline, as well as being a great method of releasing any tension and stress.

I also love the culinary arts and am an avid cook. It's my favourite hobby and I aspire to translate this hobby into a career one day.


Aaliyah Brooks - Customer Experience Manager

I am a huge lover of books, anime and all things Sci-fi.

I'm very enthusiastic about providing positive change and impacting lives through support and care.
I have been on support missions to other countries to provide charitable aid...